Today I would like to tell you about Tiux compression socks as I had the opportunity to try a pair while they are still in their companies pre-order phase.


I liked the idea of Tiux as company and compression sock from the get go as they are David to the Goliath of more established compression brands offering comparable quality at a greatly reduced price point of only $35 a pair when compared to their competitors.

They explain how they are going to do this on their site and the model is an interesting one as they are not following the regular sport wear marketing patterns in favor of  keeping the product, it’s packaging and it’s overhead as minimal as possible while passing the savings directly on to the consumer.

tiux-infographic-1024x335Now since the Tiux business model means you will not be trying on their compression socks in store (as they only ship directly from their website) let me tell you a bit about my experience with them on a fast paced hill run set.

To really make sure I was putting the socks to the test I used no foot lubricants before I put them on in an effort to flush out any hotspots or bunching that could possibly occur during a hard run.

I was happy to discover that while running on flats and hills both pushing up and down on steep angles the socks stayed where I expected them to while providing that nice snug calf locked with support feeling that we’re used to paying big bucks to have.

Steve Testing Tiux Compression Socks

The Tiux sock delivered a nice cushioned underfoot padding that felt nice without being spongy or rubbing my foot the wrong way.

I am also happy to report no hot spots developed during the run, an impressive feat as when I am pushing hard in thinner socks I normally have a problem with blistering or tearing the skin in them without using some kind of lubrication.

While I can not speak to durability just yet as these are a new pair / product I would recommend giving Tiux a try for yourself as a compression sock for during runs or recovery.

The low price point makes them pretty hard to resist in a compression sock that felt as good as these did and the companies current vision and Tiux 1% revenue donation program to MAG (Mines Advisory Group) is just an added feel good bonus to this feel good sock.

You can check out their entire line up and learn more about the company at

Steve Testing Tiux Compression Socks
Steve Testing Tiux Compression Socks

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