I have to admit BIOSTEEL as a sports drink was not on my radar before lunch today.

I found it at the health food store with a sign promoting how it is sugar, gluten and caffeine free in addition to being vegan.

For after work runs I like and rely on caffeine in my sports drinks.

But as I was looking for something to help me survive hot and humid runs I gave BIOSTEEL a try.

First Impressions

BIOSTEEL does not disappoint in keeping me hydrated and alert as I run for hours in heat and humidity.

Any concern I had about the lack of caffeine is gone. 

In fact I feel better as I run using  BIOSTEEL than with my regular sports drinks.

No highs and lows of regular sport drinks

The key benefit of BIOSTEEL is I do not get the get highs and lows of regular sport drinks over the course of my long run.

No sudden sugar crash or lack of energy on long runs is amazing.

An added bonus is no craving to reach for the next hit of sugar water that I find with other drinks.

I credit this to the lack of sugar and caffeine in BIOSTEEL.

The same lack of sugar and caffeine is also attractive as it helps me fall asleep easier after night runs.

No nasty sports drink after taste in my mouth

Another big standout with BIOSTEEL was the taste. 

I find the taste mild, smooth with a watered down fruity essence that was great.

The mild taste is welcome on long runs as it does not leave an after taste in my mouth.

Because of this I now use BIOSTEEL powder to mix big bottles for marathon training. 

I find runs over 2 hours are where strong flavored drinks are unappealing after hours of use.

A fresh single serving option

The single serving version of BIOSTEEL has a neat feature. 

BIOSTEEL keeps the water and drink crystals separate for freshness.

You only mix the crystals for the drink with the water in the bottle when you’re ready to use it.

This is done with a special push in cap top that releases the powered mix in to the water bottle below.

BIOSTEEL Drink The Pink
Its a novel approach as it ensures you’re not drinking preservatives of a typical shelf stable pre-mixed drink.

It also helps avoid that funky smell and taste of not so fresh mixed natural sports drinks products.   

All this is combined with the amino acids and key minerals you need to keep pushing yourself as well.

I recommend giving BIOSTEEL a try.

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