Much as I did last year after running Toronto Yonge Street 10k I find myself reeling from the event.   What does this mean? Spending the days after with a stupid grin on my face.

This happens because the race has become something that means a lot to me.

Over the years is has been my first race ever.

My current 10k personal record race.

A race that for the 2nd time now I have run with an amazing group of people dressed as super heroes for Sick Kids hospital.

The race never fails to inspire me with the amazing camaraderie of the running community here in Toronto.

The atmosphere is always a fun morning of seeing old friends and meeting new ones as we wait for the start of the race.

As a member of the Justice League Runners (Green Lantern) I felt an enormous amount of support from this community.

Runners joined us from in and outside of the city this year doubling our size from 2014 and raising over $4,100 for Sick Kids hospital as of the time of this writing.

Justice League Runners at TYS10K
Justice League Runners at TYS10K Starting Area

This larger teams excitement spilled over on to race course.

Before the race even got started we took pictures with runners and kids..

Justice League Runners at TYS10K Starting Corrals (Super Girl Super Selfie)
Justice League Runners at TYS10K Starting Corrals (Super Girl Super Selfie)

Unexpected and touching, it always catches me off guard when we are approached with people thanking us for what were doing.

A surprising number of which share a personal story of how Sick Kids helped their family or someone they know.

This happened several times during the race day and during our time doing a little JLR awareness at the Queen West Lululemon store the day before.

I find it a humbling experience thinking about what these families have been through.

Justice Leauge Runners @ Lululemon Queen West Toronto
Justice League Runners @ Lululemon Queen West Toronto

One mother running caught up with us mid race and told us how one of her children had been a Sick Kids patient, and was waiting to cheer her on up ahead on the course.

She asked Superman if we could wave as we went by.

Of course we would not do that.

Instead we ALL ran over for high fives and pictures when we got there.

Anything less would mean were not doing this right.

This is the reason we do this.

Its an easy decision to help Sick Kids hospital who of course helps children and their families.

We hope that we inspire others to do so as well.

When we’re out running in costume we want to bring a smile to the face of children, fellow runners and spectators. Because that means that we’re doing something good.

I am always humbled by the number of times we are thanked for doing this.

All I can say is I can not say thanks enough for the environment of community, wellness, charity and support the Toronto Yonge Street 10k and the people that surround create enabling us to do this.

Justice League Runners at TYS10K Finish Line
Justice League Runners at TYS10K Finish Line

The races impact is felt by so many on so many levels.

Everyone behind the scenes of TYS10K needs to know that they are not just putting on an event.  They are giving us all a a day to inspire ourselves and inspire others.

I do not think that a single Justice League Runner was not taken aback by the support on the course.

The bands giving us shout outs at the entertainment areas.

The roaring cheers of the volunteers as we ran the gauntlet of the water stations.

Or the generosity of those in the finishing area, that asked how they can help support what we are doing.

For me I always feel like I need to give so much more to this event, because of how much inspiration it gives me.

Steve Layton as the Green Lantern
Steve Layton as the Green Lantern

In costume or not, I encourage anyone to make sure that Toronto Yonge Street 10k (#TYS10K) is part of your spring race calendar next year.

If you can make a donation to Sick Kids hospital that’s always a fantastic idea as well.

If you think that you might want run in costume and join us in the future…

I suggest you check out the Justice League Runners on Facebook and give us a like.

Special thanks to Canada Running Series and family and friends of the Justice League Runners for many of the photos shown.

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