Real life superhero Jamie McDonald has successfully completed his 5,500 mile journey around the US.

Jamie, known to many as AdventureMan, set off on his unsupported solo run last April, pushing a pram and dressed for the occasion.

The 32-year-old has so far raised £148,000.

His challenge was not for the faint-hearted – the 5,500 miles challenge was the equivalent of 210 marathons, spanning coast-to-coast across the States.

He covered 11,608,344 steps and burnt 1,366,321 calories during the process.

Last Wednesday, March 28 he ran the final six miles to Fort Point in Gloucester where he headed straight for the ocean fully clothed.

Sharing his success on Facebook Live, Jamie said: “I just want to say – America, I couldn’t have done it without you.

“Every single person who is in my mind right now, I could have never made it without you.”

Hundreds joined the former tennis coach as he made it through the last leg of his epic journey.

Adventure man isn’t finished just yet, either- next month he will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the greatest distance covered on a treadmill.

This is currently held by Bjørn Tore Kronen Tarange, who ran 264.52 km in 24 hours.

Steve from ran with Jamie in 2013 as part of his Canada coast-to-coast run which raised $500,000.

The adventure was tough – Jamie worked his way through ten pairs of running shoes and slept rough.

He was even robbed whilst celebrating the new year in Banff, Alberta, but didn’t let it get in his way.

Steve said: “I have never met someone doing something so big, for such a good cause that is also so humble.

“It is this quality that no doubt makes him the inspirational and very likable guy that he is and makes it very easy to understand why he is doing this, and why so many people want to help him succeed along the way.”

The charity hero has also cycled from Bankok to Gloucester to raise vital funds for children.

Jamie is running as his alter-ego Adventureman, in a custom-made superhero costume designed by then-10-year-old, Conner Reddy.

Jamie suffered from syringomyelia as a child, a rare disorder in which a fluid-filled cyst forms within your spinal cord.

As he got older this spurred him on to raise life-changing money for other children.

After raising funds for hospitals and children’s charities, Jamie decided to go one step further and set up his own Superhero Foundation, which gives children grants for treatment that isn’t available through the NHS.

He has raised over $1m for sick children over the past five years and shows no signs of stopping just yet.

To donate and support this amazing cause, click here.

Keep going Jamie!

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