We runners are a hardy bunch and a great majority hate the idea of a treadmill on a sunny yet frosty winters day.

So what do we do in winter? We suit up in technical layers, our best goofy hat and head out to pound the pavement and at some peril I might add. This is because icy surfaces can leave runners (some I know) everything from ego bruised to sitting out training for weeks with broken bones.

So how do we combat such conditions, give up? NEVER! We gear up with the best options we can to combat slick winter conditions much like putting on snow tires to our cars, we must also prepare our shoes for battle with winter.

For the quick fix there are a number of products that slide over your shoes like YakTrax to add direct ice and snow biting traction trough a combination of soft rubber webbing adorned with metal chain or spikes to give you a fighting chance of staying upright on ice.

Yak Trax

For the do it yourself kinda runner or if you are in a pinch for needing a right now kinda #runhack a quick trip to the local hardware store can have you outfitted with 1/4 inch hex head metal screws that you can screw in to the outside areas of your shoes soles and not only keep your footing on slick ice.

Meta screws in shoes for ice.

It should be noted that the metal screw approach should only be done on shoes that have a thick enough sole to ensure that your feet will never come in contact with the tips of the screws. This means for the most part minimalist shoes are best the territory of YakTrax like products for the winter months.

Regardless of how you choose to combat the ice this winter you must take steps to do so if you are going to get out on the roads in the cold. A few minutes of labor or a few dollars for the right gear could save you weeks of recovery if the worst is to happen on a icy winter run.

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