Yesterday the tragic events that unfolded at the 117th running of the Boston Marathon shocked the world as the unexplainable happened during an event that is known for its celebrated tradition, honor and the spirt that embodies its runners, spectators and organizers.

This year however while the day started this way it ended in tragedy with the bombing of the finishing area leaving over 150 injured and at least 3 dead at the time of this writing.

This is an act that was carried out for no reason that is known at this time, and frankly once it is will make no difference to those impacted most closely by the days events as senseless violence is just that. To try and make sense of this kind of tragedy in any way after the fact is just empty words that try to console us at a time when we are in pain.

Acts like this are intended to create wide spread feelings of despair, loss and insecurity in all those touched.

This is a cowards agenda, and an ineffective one generally but more so in this case as I suggest that targeting runners from around the world and the people of Boston Mass will prove to to disappoint those that carry out such terrible acts as they will not get what they are looking for.

I say this because of who runners are as individuals and a global community will prove that this will not scare us away but rather galvanize us. It will galvanize us because of what the very spirit that embodies the type of people that call themselves a runner.

A runners journey may start out as one of fitness but soon they realize that it is so much more as the real reasons we run are those that are the foundation of being human.

Runners are part of an unofficial global community that see challenges as something to work hard to rise to, reach and overcome through dedication and perseverance.

Runners are used to pushing through pain and discomfort from the run, their lives, illness, injury and just about anything else life can throw at them and keep on going.

Runners are mentally strong and are used to overcoming uncertainty and doubt in the face of great challenges an push on to the finish.

Runners are not bound by politics, borders, cities, race, gender, skill or any other such factors as runners from all walks of life embody a certain spirit that is shared and understood among us subconsciously that ties all together as a global family.

The runners spirt has already began to touch, support and heal the global and local community as we all morn and overcome together through wearing Boston Marathon colors today. To dedications of virtual runs, wearing race shirts, reaching out through charitable donations and putting roofs over the heads of runners stranded in Boston.

This is a clear sign to me, that you can not dent, let alone break the spirit of a runner or the running community. If you try to stop us and knock us down, we will get up time and again with a helping hand of the community and come back even strong to push on no matter what.

Please join the global community and support the people of Boston and runners of the world that have been impacted by these events by showing your support.

You can do this with a kind word online #RunForBoston #SupportBoston#PrayForBoston, dedicating a run, signing up for or cheering runners on at a race in your area etc.

Do these things and prove that people with the spirit and dedication it takes to strive for events such as the Boston Marathon can not be stopped by senseless fear mongering but only grows stronger in the face of all challenges that are put before them.

In the Toronto area I will be running the Toronto Yonge St 10K on Sunday April 21st. I and many others will be dedicating my run to those in Boston and we encourage anyone to run with us or support runners along the course route.

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  1. 1) The reason they are on Bank Holiday Mondays is becuase it is the quietest day. Sat is way too busy to disrupt the city, lots of other sports fixtures on Sun, Bank Hol Monday tends to be quiet.2) Reg in the morning? No idea. Would advise you to go to the city hall at 8am and see if they have a help desk. The expo was there so your bag should be there. Too late to mail or ring now.3) A good few people seem to be saying that the tops are oversized. I looked up the brand ‘Under Armour’ and they seem to be American. I wonder if the ‘Large’ is an American LARGE?

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