It’s not everyday that you get to meet those that inspire you and others to get out of bed early on a cold Sunday morning and lace up for a run.

However this was the case at the Toronto Yonge St 10K tune-up clinic that I was fortunate enough to attend this past weekend hosted by the Running Room Yonge St and put on by Canadian Running Series.

The tune up clinic featured 3 of Canada’s elite runners from Guelphs Speed River running club, Chantelle Groenewoud (second fastest Canadian ever in the 3000 meter steeple), Alex Genest (2012 Olympian) and Kyle Boorsma (sub 4 miler) as well as the always personable CRS race director Alan Brookes who introduced them.

Each of these elite runners joined us mortals as tune-up group leaders for a thrilling run through the Yonge – Mt Pleasant area.

I was fortunate enough to be in a small group of runners with Alex Genest sharing stories of London 2012, training tips and just generally friendly and inspiring conversation with all of us. This has me making a place for this 7K training run on the short list of my best running experiences ever.

The great atmosphere and sense of the runners community only grew once back at the Running Room post run.

No longer fighting bitter cold, runners new to Toronto Yonge St 10K, CRS #DigitalChampions and Speed Rivers Elite runners alike got to hang out with each other while sipping Gatorade and sharing stories of running and life.

It was amazing to hear how so many of us use running as not only a fitness tool but as a release from our daily routine to heal and connect with something personal and bigger than us all at once.

I was very thankful to find out later that a sneaky photographer snapped a picture of me having a great conversation with Alex Genest and Kyle Boorsma as well.

The clinic provided a wonderful experience and opportunity for runners of all levels to come out and get ready for #TYS10K and be inspired.

I found myself so energized by the experience that I went on to run home from the tune up run clocking a total 19KM Sunday thinking of what an amazing morning it had been then going out for a well deserved brunch.

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  1. – You’ve made me want to visit this city even more how beautiful is it? Great set. Love your use of tilt wish I had the kaunhas to travel with my tilt-shift lens.

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