It happens every year. The summer weather we all crave eventually gets the better of us as the sun shines down and the humidity rises steadily while we run out on the trails and roads.

To aid in combating oppressive heat here are a few physical and mental tricks you can employ to keep yourself moving forward on days where you might rather want to curl up in a ball by a cooler at the beach.

  1. Choose your time of day wisely by running in the morning and evening or even dead of night and avoid the harsh midday sun!
  2. Make hydration a priority at all times during warm weather making sure you get enough water and electrolytes before and during exercise so that you are never deficient in terms of hydration during hot summer days.
  3. Keep your mind on the run and not the heat by focusing on your hydration levels, pace, music, surroundings etc. It’s important to not fixate on how hot it is but rather how strong you are for pushing through it. (I like to think of it like a mini desert ultra marathon gruel fest)
  4. When the heat is unbearable or turns potentially dangerous mid run switch your brain from pace / competitive oriented mindset to that of slow down or even walk approach to finishing out your run without feeling sick or having an out of control heart rate aka overtraining.
  5. When all else fails get wet, and do it often! Once you are out on a long run and it gets too humid you may no longer cool from your own sweat so don’t be shy about running through a lawn sprinkler, dunking your hat or head in a river or dumping some of your water bottle over your head if you feel it’s getting to warm!

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