So today is my birthday, and while for many of years this has been seen as a full on write off sleep in until you want to day.

However this year I kept tossing and turning over the idea of getting up before the sun to have a full on sunrise run (that turned multi sport at one point).

The weather being cool and co-operative. I was out the door and on my way to running a quickly planned route to cover 34KM for my 34th birthday, below are the results of this delirium.

So at 5AM I took this selfie lit by porch light and headed out in to the dark to start my trek towards downtown Toronto via Queen St.

Steve Layton

7KM in to the run I decide photos of street cars and bridges are too cool so I snap one!

TTC Rocket

At 10KM I am wondering if Rob and Doug are out on their morning run yet? 😉

City Hall

I cruise through downtown proper and make a few side street detours due to construction to finally make it to my old neighborhood and realize I am about 12-13 hours too early to meet Steph after work for drinks around 13KM!


A little beyond that at 14KM I snap a picture of West End Comics for my buddy @mlob_creative cause I am there!


Not sure what the milage is here, but I am crossing the sunnyside bridge, traffic was moving as you would expect.  I could not help thinking that I would beat at least some of these people back downtown.

Weather Report

Again I am spacing on my milage as my app blurts it out, but I could not resist taking a quick pic of why I love running by lake Ontario in the morning.

Toronto Harbour

Paying attention to the pacer finally realize I am at around 18KM when I stop to have a drink and some enerybits in the company of some quackers. I ponder tossing them some bits but figure they eat enough algae and keep it for myself.


Dropping around the bending trail of the former Ontario Place grounds I spot this view and have to take a picture. This reminded me a lot of roller blading down here years ago.

Weather Report

So as I hit 19KM and change I happen upon a Bixi bike stand.  Having watched far too many episodes of boundless I felt a compelling need to slam a credit card in there and turn my run in to a Duathalon! So that’s what I did and rode that bike through a messed up construction zone for about 1.5KM

Bixi Bike

I spotted the next and last Bixi bike drop off point after only a few minutes on the road and decided this transition station would be a good time to treat some dangerously low caffeine levels that I had been dealing with at this point in to the mornings event.

Second Cup

Moments later I exit this aid station with a thumbs up from the medics (local waterfowl) and with caffeine in my blood and fresh water in my hand bottle set off on the last leg of this trip towards the east end.

Coffee Selfie

I take off down the waterfront trail system heading to the beaches with gusto it’s not until I turn back to have a look at a corner that I realize that downtown has gotten very small again in the distance marking 25KM as I realize my phones battery is a hurting situation.

Lakeshore Blvd

I zip across the beaches trail system until I run out of boardwalk and in a classic fit of near finish anger wondered what moronic race director plans a course with a 500m hill to ascend at the end. Oh… right it was me, so I snapped this picture and my phones battery died instantly at 33KM.

Almost Home

34KM was reached as I touched the front lawn of my house just as I had mapped it out hours before.  I got showered and double fisted my last grabs from a local aid station (iced coffee and a smoothie) while I waited for my phone to collect enough juice to grab a final picture of triumph!

Coffee of Triumph

Thanks to all the people that were following my insanity in real time as it was a great boost to push on at times where the smells of fresh breakfast or the sounds of public transit call out to you like a siren song.

I can honestly say that this has left me pumped up and looking forward to the rest of my day.

The sights and people you see along the way on a run like this make your day before it even starts, so comparing this #STWM training run / bike to the “joys of sleeping in on your birthday” is simply not a contest if asked if I would choose this again.

It’s moments like this I am so happy I chose to change things up for an active lifestyle, maybe a little crazy, but active lifestyle!

I very much suggest trying this to anyone, does not matter what you do, just get out and do more!

P.S.  The younger your start the less KM’s you need to run on your birthday to hit your age!

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