The long weekend is finally here.  For many of us that means packing up our things and joining the mass exodus of city / work life for the simpler and more relaxed pace of the cottage.

However cottage life for many can mean leaving behind the routine of daily life including gym time and the specific gear that makes their training programs possible.  

For those types we have compiled a list of simple and fun things you can do at the cottage to stay active while enjoying the outdoors.

  1. Do your core work while using a paddle board or sea kayak. Rather then do planks in the dirt why not test your balance on the water while working your upper body. Try doing basic yoga or stretching moves in the inspiring early or late day sun just off shore.  A quick paddle out works your arms while balancing on the water works everything else.
  2. Try a cottage triathlon.  Start by going on an early morning run that does not push you too hard but works up a solid sweat. Now return from your run and jump right in to the lake for a cool soak, no swimming hard here.  Now 5-10 minutes later refreshed grab a bike and head out on shady trail, mud optional but recommended and have some fun.  Upon your return to camp jump right back in the water to clean off and do some light swimming to flush your muscles and cool down.
  3. No wave surfing. Ok, so if your cottage is like mine you do not get killer breaks. However cottage surfing can be made a reality one of two fun ways. The first have a friend hold your paddle board in the shallows near a sandbar or dock and you take a sprinting run at it jumping on the board for a few seconds of big kahuna glory before epic wipeouts until you get the hang of it. The second option works core, legs and arms and is what we call Canadian surfing, that is standing on your paddle board being towed behind a motor boat or jet ski using only a water ski tow rope (held by your hands) to keep you and the board in tow while you ride the wake long board style.
  4. Outback weight lifting. Sure your cottage may have running water, but you get a better workout if you go to the old manual well pump out back crank on that 20-30 reps then carry the now full 20 litre water container back to camp stopping to squat lift it a number of times along the way. No pump, no problem. Replace your kettle ball routine with chopping firewood using large overhead axe swings to split wood lumberjack style for a campfire to cook some well earned dinner on.


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