Watch as adventurer Ryan Van Duzer ( takes us along for an epic and energetic run of the Burning Man Ultramarathon 2015.

Starting in the dark of the early morning deep in the Nevada desert, Ryan shows us what just might be the most unconventional ultra on the planet with his unique brand of high energy flare.

To help you get the idea of the feel of the event race director Cherie Yanek gathers entrants before the race to recite the following oath.

“If I get LOST, HURT, or DIE, it’s my own damn fault.”

From here racers are off and running through the dark and artificially lit city of burning man still with pockets of revelers from the previous nights events dancing and stumbling about to the back beat of electronic music.

As the costumed and slightly crazy runners continue to run the temporary city night transitions to day.  From here you start to get to the full scale of the compound and the amazing costumes, art and engineering that is found at the annual desert festival.

With energy filled, hug happy aid station volunteers, random bouts of dancing and everything in between this is a race that has to been seen to be believed.

It’s also an event best seen through the lens of someone with the level of energy and enthusiasm that Ryan Van Duzer brings to his action packed videos.

This is not just another race, but a celebration of free spirited enjoyment of life that makes runners seem to forget the sand, heat and mileage leaving only a 50km long party in the desert that looks like an absolute blast to run.

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